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   November 19, 2021

Let’s attract good luck with embroidery, or rather a symbol of the coming year!


Year 2022 according to the Eastern calendar will be under the sign of the Black (Blue) Water Tiger. We have a whole series of needlework designs with this majestic animal in our collection and we invite you to take a closer look at them right now. As the proverb says: prepare the sleigh in the summer!

Embroidered tiger symbolizes strength, success, and prosperity. Cross stitched picture with a tiger will become a faithful talisman for your home, and the stitching process will help you focus on important things and achieve your goals.

So, here is the selection of our tiger designs. Click on the picture or name of the kit to view detailed information about the design.


New! Already available! Cross stitch kit on plastic fabric

No. 1957AC Magnets Tiger Cubs

Cross stitch kit

 No. HB092 Stripies

Cross stitch kit

No. 1886 Snow Leopard

and the same design in diamond mosaic

No. AM0040 Snow Leopard

New! Already available!

Cross stitch kit

No. 1976 Curious Little Tiger

New! Already available!

Diamond mosaic kit

No. AM0064 Snow Tiger

New! Already available!

No. 1995 Baby Tiger