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   March 06, 2019

Leaders of bird barnyard

Did you know that in Ancient Rome geese were considered to be sacred animals? Everything is explained in a legend “How Geese saved Rome”. It goes like this:



In 390 B.C. Romans were attacked by savage nation of Gauls. The Romans could not cope with the siege themselves – some of them fled and some of them locked themselves in fortified Capitol Hill. Only senators remained in the city. The Gauls entered Rome, killed all senators and burned the city.

In the middle of Rome remained only Capitol where Gauls were not able to reach. Gauls wanted to rob the Capitol as they knew that there was a lot of wealth there. However, Capitol stood on a steep hill: there were walls and gates from one side and steep cliff on the other. At night, the Gauls stealthily climbed from under the cliff onto the Capitol: they supported each other from the bottom and passed spears and swords to each other.

 This is how they quietly climbed the cliff and not a single dog heard them.

They had already climbed through the wall but then geese suddenly smelled people and started cackling and flapping their wings. One Roman woke up, rushed to the wall and knocked one Gaul down the cliff. Gaul fell and knocked others behind him. Other Romans came running and started throwing logs and stones down the cliff which killed many Gauls. After this help came and Romans banished the Gauls from the city.

Since then Romans started a holiday to commemorate this day. The dressed up priests go around the city: one of them carries a goose and after him a dog is pulled on the rope. People come up to goose and bows down to it and priest.



The heroes of our new cross stitch kit No. 1807 Geese clearly know about the brilliant service of their ancestors. Look how important and proud the leaders of barnyard behave! This needlework kit is created to break the stereotypes about selection of the theme in your interior. These guys will worthily decorate any room or even a denim jacket ;)