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   August 17, 2018

In spring, RIOLIS announced a contest among needlewomen: embroidery for all! The art of embroidery still remains one of the noblest pastimes in the history of needlework. Recently embroidery decorates the best collections of famous fashion houses haut couture, such as Dior, CHANEL, and Gucci. 


We proposed to create three looks so that the subjects of clothes or accessories included embroidered RIOLIS subjects. The needlewomen work was really wonderful, The main winner Olga Milovanova, who received the Grand Prix, went to England to present her outfits on the main stage of the festival. 

The Festival of Quilts took place in Birmingham during the 9 till 12 of August. Olga used the motifs of the kits 812 Spring, 813 Autumn, 814 Winter and 1744 Sakura. Fuji in her collection called Hokku. 


RIOLIS embroidery could decorate not only the home interior but make any clothes exclusive with a simple print on a handbag or a huge one on an evening dress.