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   July 06, 2018

Everyone knows what is the national symbol of Japan - not only in the country of the rising sun, but also far beyond its borders. Sakura became the main property of the island. During the blooming period, tourists from all over the world come to Japan to take part in traditional ritual of hanami – flower viewing, to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms. Each of the five petals means five stages of life success: health, joy, prosperity, luck and peace.
 Another Japanese symbol is Fuji. This mountain is glorified in the national poetry, you can often see it in the paintings of Japanese artists, and nowadays you can climb it with an excursion. The ancient volcano keeps calm for 300 years. For the Japanese, it was the place where the Taoist immortals lived. They believed the one who reaches the summit attain immortality.

RIOLIS does not promise eternal life, but offers to spend time with a pleasant benefit – the needlework. We made this gentle triptych of paintings. We hope you enjoy it, especially fans of Japanese motifs in embroidery, as well as those who loved the lavender series.

Amazing color palette, gentle blue, refreshing turquoise, warm pink, bright red local architecture - all shades of Japanese spring gathered in the needlework kits No. 1743 Sakura. Pagoda, No. 1744 Sakura. Fuji and No. 1745 Sakura. Bridge. To create a special airiness in work, the technique of the cross-stitch and half cross-stitch is used. The beads add a special lay to the paintings.