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   June 19, 2018


RIOLIS invites you for a walk in the magic forest. Who is hiding under the leaves, rustling in the bush, who is squeaking in the old oak hollow, snorting in the thickets of dry grass or puffing, leaving a barely noticeable path in the sedge?

It should be someone from the new RIOLIS collection. A series of charming forest kids won't leave anyone indifferent.

A year ago, small kit 1680 Sparrow replenished the RIOLIS collection. This bird sheltered lonely on a branch on a cold winter day, that many embroiderers fell in love with it. The love and hands of the skilled embroidery women warmed the sparrow, and the decoration was sometimes extraordinary and pretty nice. RIOLIS has noticed such kindness and love for the bird, so we have decided to release a whole series of cute animals.


Funny animals are ready to settle in your houses. Moreover, it won`t take much time to implement. Meet them. Fluffy and striped raccoon with amber eyes. Feathered brothers with curious eyes, looking at the surrounding forest world. Eared and cute hedgehog, bathed in wildflowers. Blue-eyed little boar walking among bright cornflowers.


Embroidery is done on the canvas Aida Zweigart 14 ct with wool/acrylic threads.

The size of finished works is 13 x 13 cm each.



No. 1753 Little Hedgehog                       No. 1754 Little Raccoon                              No. 1755 Little Owls


No. 1756 Little Boar


Tame these fluffy animals!