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   May 21, 2018

Tame the exotic bird and give it a house on the wall of your room.

Heat in the jungle, tropical flowers, bright bromeliads and an unusual bird with the most memorable beak - this is a new RIOLIS needlework kit No. 0077 PT Toucan.

These amazing birds belong to the family of woodpeckers. Black feathers, white shirtfront and a huge yellow beak. Toucan usually settle not only in tropical forests, but also in the mountains and on the plains of America - from Southern Mexico to Northern Argentina. Its name was given because of the sounds “toco toco”, which can be heard in the rainforests. Another name for Toucan is percussion. These beautiful birds can live for 50 years.

RIOLIS loves animal world very much, especially someone exotic and unusual. We have already created an amazing world in the PT series with majestic reindeer, firebird, magic unicorn and forest dragon.

RIOLIS replenished its collection with one more embroidery on the pre-printed background. No doubts, the variety of the colors attracts attention. This solid bird toucan sits on a branch among exotic flowers. It will be easy enough to embroider, especially if you follow the kit instructions and the chart. Also the needlework kit includes the Anchor stranded cotton, a needle, a Zweigart Aida canvas of high quality. And the hot mood of the tropics.