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   October 31, 2017

Luxurious abundance, juicy fruits, exquisite cheeses - RIOLIS proudly presents the cross stitch kit No. 1659 Dutch Still Life. Now you can create a real still life in the style of masterpieces of the XVII century on the black 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric.

If you appeal to the history of art, you can recall that the still life was a very significant and iconic genre in the Dutch painting of the XVII century. Why was it exclusive? Each picture was different from the other. It was not only about the objects, but semantic implication.


There were many kinds of such paintings: the floral still life was full of colors of lush bouquets, monochrome one represented a meager still life of photographic precision in gray tones, hunting was always with a game, and the philosophical still life invariably depicted a skull and other objects with special meanings of human life. You can find also animals, birds and lizards on some paintings.

Genre of still life (nl. “stilleven”, frozen life) assumed the image of motionless objects. Therefore, it was not only dead nature (fr. nature mort), it was often full of life, poured with colors, it was just a frozen instant.


The images of the covered tables, which were called "banquets" or "breakfasts," were the most popular. You could find there everything: cheese, fruits, flowers, various dishes. Each thing was often ascribed certain significance.

RIOLIS developed the design inspired by paintings of Northern Europe. Black canvas and bright threads Safil look majestically in the spirit of that time. By the way, there is an abundant pyramid of cheese, that Dutch masters loved to paint. The shell on the left - an exquisite nautilus cup – is a typical dish for drinks in wealthy houses.