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   October 13, 2017

Happy Halloween with RIOLIS and our creepy, funny, extraordinary Halloween kits!


RIOLIS presents three captivate embroideries – little magic friends. 

No. HB173 Happy Halloween

A pumpkin, a black cat, and a witch’s hat – it is not the list of the things, which you need for the witchcraft or Halloween party. These are the new subjects you can embroider with RIOLIS. 
Halloween is a charming holiday for everyone: children and adults are eager to frighten and enchant others. People decorate houses with pumpkins, webs and sweets look like eyes. Now RIOLIS is ready to offer one more decoration for your house – the embroidery.

No. 1918 Upside Down

No. HB175 Black Cat

You would notice three kits: No. HB173 Happy Halloween, No. 1918 Upside Down and No. HB175 Black Cat. These funny creatures will enrapture you or your children. The embroideries are made on 10 ct Aida Zweigart fabric with woolen/acrylic threads. The size of the finished work is 15x15 cm – it will be exciting to embroider for beginners or masters.