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   June 07, 2017

Needlework is one of the oldest female occupations. What was the most important in sewing? Of course, the master’s skillful hands and a needle. Particular attention was paid to its storage. In ancient times, it was possible to learn about the owner's well-being by her needle-case: noblewomen had jeweled ones, which were made of ivory, metal or wood, and the peasants made cases for needles by themselves. The needle was considered as a feminine symbol. According to beliefs, ancient people put a needle in the cradle when a girl was born, and after her death a woman was buried with her needle-case.

In our times, needlewomen sew pincushions themselves, because this the storage is an important element for creating masterpieces. In addition, everyone knows that creative women are full of inspiration, so they keep needles in different ways, and pincushions can acquire completely unexpected shapes.

One of the types of pincushion is biscournu. It is an 8-corner cushion with an embroidered pattern and a soft filler inside. The name of this little thing came from the French language. Two embroidered canvases are stitched together along the contour and then stitched in the center. In fact, the function of biscournu is not only to keep needles and pins. It can also be used as an accessory: a key chain, a marker for scissors, even decorations for the house or a Christmas tree.

RIOLIS has already issued such item (No. 1227 Biscournu Fantasy) for needlewomen. Now there is one more – needlework kit No. 1620AC Biscournu Poppies. The kit includes a beige 18 ct Aida Zweigart fabric (the previous biscournu has 25 ct fabric), a needle, Anchor stranded cotton threads (10 colors), 2 beads, and also filling.


The main thing is not to be afraid of new forms and decisions. The fascinating process of sewing biscournu will please every needlewomen, and colorful threads will turn into bright poppies.