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   Febrary 01, 2016

набор для вышивания крестом котенка мечтатель

Once there were two fluffy brothers – a white kitten and a black kitten. They were great friends and often spent time together in their backyard. They had common friends, shared secret places for games and a wooden fence. But they liked different things. 
 The white kitten strived to climb higher on the fence to spy out the fluttering moths or bright birds or nimble mice running around between the stacked logs of wood. For this he was named Hunter.

вышивка котенка Охотник

вышивка котенок мечтатель

The black kitten was trying to get on a wooden perch to look over the fence or into the sky. Most of all he liked to look at the full moon in spring, when the air is fresh and clear. He became known as a Dreamer.

RIOLIS embroideries No. 1546 Dreamer and No. 1547 Hunter are devoted to these two sympathetic characters. The charm of these pictures is not only in the affecting whiskered animals but also in small details.

Having finished cross stitching and half cross stitching do not forget to finish the picture with backstitch – draw every nail in the fence.

вышивка котенка Мечтатель

вышивка котят охотник

To make the flowers look particularly expressive decorate them with French knots. How to do it – please read the detailed instructions supplied with the kit.

The embroidery is done with woolen/acrylic yarn Safil on 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. The finished size is 20 x 20 cm. The kit also contains colored chart and a needle.