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   September 30, 2015


Meet a fluffy winter beauty from RIOLIS cross stitch kit No. 1510 Fox!


cross stitch kit fox


Winter forest attire suits her well, doesn't it? She looks spectacular. It seems even strange that her flame-colored coat does not make all the ice and snow around melt down. Probably it is so because this heat is kind and soft. The fox seems to be a heart of the frost-bound forestland.


cross stitch kit fox


Stitch this flame-colored fox to make it burn all the adversity that could happen to you and let it light up your spirit. Like a burning candle this pretty animal can become a symbol of hope and love and will grace your sweet home!


The embroidery is made with wool/acrylic threads Safil to make this picture look even more vivid. The finished size of the picure is 21 x 30 cm, but you would not have to stitch it all over - the basic backround is a dark gray 14 сt Aida Zweigart fabric. Also a kit includes a needle.