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   April 28, 2015

Cross stitch kits Rooster and Hen  


We introduce a mini series of RIOLIS cross stitch kits No. 1479 Rooster and No. 1480 Hen.


The pictures create a logical and natural unity. Rooster and hen are considered to be vivid symbols of masculinity and femininity. Therefore, for many Slavic nations these two domestic animals are present in one form or another in the wedding ceremonies. Often they were embroidered. The pair of birds implied the newlyweds themselves. Their figures were portrayed in profile, turned to each other. Red rooster symbolizes the wish of happiness, prosperity and health.


Modern stitching belief is that rooster has to be stitched with needle and threads by the one who wants to quickly find manly and reliable partner in life, and hen with the chicken – for a quick start of happy family life.


Набор для вышивания крестом


According to feng shui traditions, rooster attracts wealth, successful career and public recognition. How can you argue with this handsome?


Набор для вышивания крестом


The hen with chickens represents a happy motherhood.


Вышивка крестиком


The fans of floral embroidery notice small bouquets. The rooster proudly paces through thickets of daises. The hen with the chickens is comfortably settled among the primroses.


вышивка цветов ромашки   вышивка цветов примулы



The liveliness and volume of stitched pictures is created by successfully chosen combination of techniques: cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch with a different amount of threads. The feathers of the birds look textured and detailed.


набор для вышивания крестом    набор для вышивания крестом


Rustic motif of embroidery will be the best way to warm you up during cold winter evenings. Warm shades of Anchor stranded cotton threads (22 and 23 colors) are used in these pictures. Cross stitches and stitches are done on beige 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. You will have quite many pleasant evenings with a beloved needlework because the size of finished even though not fully stitched pictures is 30x40 cm (cross stitch kit No. 1479 Rooster) and 30x30 cm (cross stitch kit No. 1480 Hen).


Kits also include chart in full colour and a needle.