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   December 12, 2017

A book and a bookmark are two friends, who are always together. How could you read a long text, trying to remember and not to lose the page, where you have stopped? People had thought about it on the rise of the writing. Now RIOLIS did, too.


Even ancient Egyptians began to mark the scrolls with a piece of papyrus, which would return to the necessary place. With the writing development parchment, pieces of leather were used as such "tracker". When young ladies in the XIX century read novels, then ribbons, flowers and lace handkerchiefs had appeared in the books. 


Bookmarks, familiar to us, started to appear for easier navigation in the book space with the advent of the printing: with a printed pattern, ribbons attached and an exquisite design. It turned out that they can not only be useful and practical, but also to aesthetic taste.


Can you remember this impression from childhood: put a flower or a leaf from a tree in a book, and then find through a long time a dried plant that resembles summer?

RIOLIS knows that every embroiderer besides needlework loves not only fascinating serials and cognitive films, but also books. Therefore, we offer to your attention bookmarks that will become special between the pages of your books. Especially for fans of the reading - kits No. 1613АС Graceful Lily and No. 1614АС Blooming Iris.


These designs were inspired by the art at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries, when art nouveau has come into fashion. The canvas is glued to the paper in these kits. The monogram forms resemble petals. The embroidery represents a delicate flower of irises and lilies, which are embroidered with Anchor threads on the 18 ct Aida Zweigart fabric.


Art nouveau became one of the most romantic trends in art. Smooth lines and angles, flight of the fantasy, love of the nature. Widespread use of the ornaments is exquisitely interwoven with floral motifs. This is what you can find in the kits No. 1613АС Graceful Lily and No. 1614АС Blooming Iris.