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   November 01, 2016

вышивка лесной дракон

Introduction to Dragonology from RIOLIS

Please meet the Forest Dragon. It is strong and looks menacing, but in its heart of hearts is kind and caring and, according to it's creator, it is also a vegetarian! It doesn't like somebody to hurt the forest it lives in. But all in all, has a pretty simple and agreeable attitude to life. Such a cute character!


Both adults and children like dragons. While stitching this design you can tell a fairy tale to your child: how the Forest Dragon and a Brave Prince rescued a Beautiful Princess together or found the rarest creature in the world - a Bird of Happiness.


An unusual anatomy of the dragon will wake the dreams of even the most 'boring' of the adults. It posesses the spine of a dinasaur, scales of a fish and has the tail with an arrow tip. Every part of this design is embodied in a cross-stich with little accents in backstitch. Please note that mixed colors are used to create a wider palette. 

набор для вышивания крестом лесной дракон

наборы для вышивания крестом


The size of the finished design is approximately 30 x 40 cm, but remember that you only have to cross-stich the dragon and a patch of grass right below him. Rest of the picture is printed on the the 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. The cross-stich kit No. 0057 PT Forest Dragon also contains a colored chart, thread sorter, detailed instructions and a needle.

вышивка лесной дракон



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